153 Responses were received (118 paper, 35 electronic)

The responses were overwhelmingly opposed, some with stronger views than others. Although only 13 were clearly prepared to work with Homes England, a further 4 who were opposed, recognised that they may need to work with Homes England to get the best outcome for Ifield.  For some, there was a clear sense of inevitability at some form of development going ahead.

Oppose 135
Support     3
Work with Homes England   13


Responses to “What are the main issues for you?”

Traffic Impact on Ifield 141
Increase in Congestion 140
Loss of Green Space 136
Lack of Infrastructure 111
Delivery of Schools, GP surgeries 111
Flooding 108
Lack of parking   92
Affordable housing for Crawley people   63
Impact on jobs in Crawley   53

These numerical responses were reflected in the written comments which clustered in to the following themes;


Travel time, state of roads, pot holes, road safety, accidents, use of roads as cut throughs, roads too narrow, use of pavements for cycling, lorries, construction traffic, the need for a bypass/relief road. Rusper road was mentioned most often, but also Ifield Drive and one concern about Findon road.


These were the next most mentioned issues, with mention of green space, wildlife, nature, ancient woodland, climate change and flooding. There were many comments about the unique nature of conservation areas in Ifield.


GP appointments delay was stated by many respondents, concerns that East Surrey Hospital will not cope and Crawley hospital would have to provide more services, and the strain on Mental Health services. There were concerns about air pollution, space to exercise, walk, run, cycle.

Infrastructure generally and schools in particular were mentioned by many.

Homes England

There was a general lack of trust, promises not likely to be  kept, and a focus on profit motive. If happening, the need to work with them to reduce impact was recognised. The development was felt to be too big, and needed to contain more affordable housing/Council housing.

Horsham DC

Many comments on the need to use land nearer Horsham, do not want Crawsham, Crawley should have a bigger voice, a feeling of unfairness that Horsham have the say but Crawley will have the impact.

These points were raised at the Talk Ifield meeting during the public discussion/questions:




Representative from Rusper Parish Council – The original proposal for 3250 homes on the land of Ifield Golf Course. Now expanded to 10k houses, this number will be needed to cover the cost of the relief road. Do we really want it, is it necessary and we should concentrate on sustainable transport.

Reply – We are here to represent Ifield residents. The Homes England proposals are not going to happen for 5-10 years and the last estimate to build the relief road was £85 million.

Resident from Millbank – How many acres comprise the Golf Club and how much does Homes England own. What is the density of homes.

Reply – We have no idea of either the acreage or the density of proposed building.

Resident from Old Manor Close – The golf club land is currently deemed “not developable”. Is that unsuitable or nor permitted.

Reply – It’s not likely to happen rather than definitely not. There are probably more suitable sites available.

Resident from Old Manor Close – Regarding the boundary between Horsham and Crawley, It seems Crawley gets the hassle and Horsham the benefits. What are the chances of a boundary change.

Reply – That would be in the hands of the Boundary commission.

Resident from Selham Close – Traffic is a great concern. It would appear from the maps that the relief road will too far east to be of any benefit for a Horsham – Gatwick commute.

Reply – There are currently Traffic surveys being held by WSCC at Three Bridges station and the Hazelwick flyover. It is possible that there will be one along the Rusper Road regarding bus and cycle access.

Resident of Ifield Green – Despite applications under the Freedom of Information Act, Homes England are refusing to answer any questions. What are they trying to hide?

Resident of Ifield Green – What are the logics of housing and traffic surveys. With regard to the flooding around the area, will this be addressed as part of the planning applications.

Resident of Ifield Green – Will the green spaces have their quality preserved or will they just be “kept” under pressure. Will this be detailed in the planning applications.

Resident of Ifield Green – Ifield Golf Club was recently sold. How much was it sold for and how much “sway” was exerted by Homes England.  The 10k jobs that will be created by these houses, will they include construction workers or be permanent jobs.

Reply – There are some of many questions that need answered and we can’t do that until we hear from Home England directly.

Resident of Rusper Road – Will Horsham District Council be represented at the forthcoming Homes England.

Reply –They will probably be invited as control lies with the Government and the local plan in Horsham.

Resident of Ifield Green – Is seems obvious that this development is going to go ahead come what may so maybe it would make sense to work with HE/HDC and get what we can from them, ie S106 monies.

Resident of The Mardens – Homes England are projecting a delay of around 5 years for the development of schools/surgery, it seems that would mean around 300 houses would be occupied before the infrastructure “catches up” putting even more strain on the residents of Ifield.


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